Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann

I recently bought the book ‘The Opinionated Knitter’ by Elizabeth Zimmermann.

For those of you who knit who haven’t heard of EZ, go look her up, she produced some amazing patterns, written in a very simple style, she is no longer alive, but her patterns are still very popular.

The Baby Surprise Jacket is particually popular and is of a very interesting construction.  (On Ravelry)

So today I have started knitting my first one, from the ‘notes’ in her book.  Its very interesting as it is knitting in 1 peice, but not in the round, the only seams are on the top of the arms (none on the under side of the arms or on the body.

I used the 3 needle i-cord cast off for the shoulder seams, and a i-cord edging for the rest.

First Baby Surprise Jacket
First Baby Surprise Jacket

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  1. That’s gorgeous. Mum (Picperfic) made Sullivan one when he was born and I am yet to make him a bigger version. I’m just finishing a Tomten jacket and that knits up just as wonderfully :o)

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