Jacob Fleece Spinning + Plying

This is some of my Jacob fleece, which I have hand carder (I don’t think I’m very good at it…), then hand spun and plyed. I’m actually very impressed with myself, being as I only got the tools yesterday! I think when I spun the singles I over twisted? Comments?

This is some of Corriedale Silver which I have also Spun and Plyed. It has a smoother finish than the Jacob, but I think this is down to the quality of my carding not the wool. Again it seems over twisted, but I wonder if washing it and setting the twist will improve this?

2 thoughts on “Jacob Fleece Spinning + Plying”

  1. Looks like an excellent start! Your carding seems fine as the jacob doesn’t look too bumpy from here 🙂 I wasn’t nearly as smooth when I began! Washing definitely helps to even out the twist, especially in a plied yarn. You’ll be surprised how much the yarn will puff up after washing too.

  2. Thanks for the input Karen.
    It is quite bumpy, it has what seem like little balls of rolled up wool after I’ve spun it. But it seems to be getting more even the more I do. 🙂

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