Sheep Yoke Cardi – Cast On & Yoke

Size 3-4yrs

Casting on 70sts

Work as parttern for 6rows of chart.

Before working the flowers, work 4 more rows in blue and more increases (2sts per section).

I am aiming for 236sts at the bottom of the yoke.  Calculation: {28(chest inches)x5.5(sts per inch)}+ {8(sleeve width inches[same as original]) x2 x 5.5(sts per inch)} = 242.  The original pattern doesn’t have additional stitches under the arm, I am going to add 3sts under each arm to improve drape and fit. Therefore 242-6 = 236.

Work as per the pattern rows 7-12 (including the increases in row 7) for the flowers and grass, placing the flower repeat ever 8st.

If you find carrying the yarn floats hard, you can work rows 9-10 and 11-12 using the mosaic knitting (slip stitch) method (Have a read of this helpful Knitty article). But basically you work the stitches for 1 colour for 2 rows, slipping the stiches for the 2nd colour, then work the 2 rows again knitting the 2nd colour and slipping the first colour.

Work rows 13-16 as per the pattern. (166sts)

Work 2 rows with 2 increases per section in the first row. (182sts)

Work rows 17-22 as per the pattern, placing sheep evenly around the yoke.

Work as pattern rows 23-32, including colour checks.

Working with main colour as pattern increase 3 sts per section in the following row (each section now has 27sts). Total stitches (27×8 + 6 + 8 + 8) = 238sts.

Work 37sts, place next 44sts on holding yarn for sleeve, cast on 3sts (for underarm), work 76sts, place next 44sts on holding yarn for sleeve,  cast on 3 sts (for underarrm), work remaining 37sts.

Work evenly in main colour for body.

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