Getting back to it

I decided last year that I would take a break from blogging and social media, in the hope that it would make me more productive. Life had becoming challenging in many ways and I was left feeling like something had to give, and my silence was the result. Well it didn’t help my productivity, I have discovered you will soon fill your time with other activities, but not the productive activities you hoped for! So I’ve decided I would rather blog which I enjoy that do random unproductive things like play silly phone games or watch mind numbing tv. So I’m back.

I’ve also joined Instagram as NinjaBexKnits, so you can find me there for lots of photo-y goodness!

We had a lovely family holiday camping this summer, there were some beautiful sunny days and seriously wet and windy weather. 

On the way to the Isle of Wight it was beautiful.

Later in the week it was seriously rough. This was at Shanklin at high tide. We enjoyed some amazing ice creams, with free added sea salt while watching the crashing waves.

I’ll share some more about our trip and the knitting I did in my next post and tell you what exciting wheel arrived at my house this week!

8 Years ago

8years ago I sat at my mum’s bedside hoping and praying that I could share just a few more days with her.
She took her last breath before I saw her again.
I wish I had been with her, to hold her hand, to comfort us both.
I wish she could have met the baby girl that was growing inside me, I know she would have been incredibly proud of my beautiful girl now almost 8yrs old and proud of me for that.
There have been many times between now and then when I would have done anything for a few wise words from my mum.
I hope am as a good a mum as she was and that my daughter gets longer with her mum than I did with mine.
That is all.